What makes the study programme at the SFU Department of Psychology so special?

Since the winter semester of 2013, Sigmund Freud University has offered the a psychology study programme at the former Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. By introducing the Bachelor’s programme in Psychology in the first academic year, the Master’s programme in Psychology in the winter semester 2016 in Berlin and the doctoral programme in the winter semester 2019 (at the headquarter in Vienna), the range of degree programmes offered at the Department of Psychology has been growing steadily ever since. English degree programmes in psychology are currently in preparation.

All Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in psychology at SFU Berlin include both a well-founded basic scientific education and a practical qualification for later employment. Our teaching concept is based on three focal points: theory, practice and self-awareness.

Our teaching team consists of researchers and practitioners from various research and professional fields. In addition to the cultural and social science orientation of the faculty, interculturality and international exchange are further focal points of our teaching and research. We will also be happy to provide you with information in person, by e-mail or at one of our regular information evenings (in German).